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Gennett Drive bridge will be out for several more months


      A road closed sign keeps motorists from reaching the bridge that washed out off Gennett Drive in March. Repairs are not expected for a few more months. 


The bridge on Gennett Drive that washed out earlier this year will remain closed at least until fall, with the project expected to be bid out at that time. 

The bridge was damaged from flooding this past March. According to Jasper City Manager Brandon Douglas, the city received $141,000 in emergency GDOT funding for the project and immediately hired a GDOT pre-qualified engineer to assist with design and construction drawings.  

  “I have been advised that the project should be ready for bid in September and it is unknown how those bids will come in; however, preliminary numbers/estimates of cost may arrive at nearly $240,000,” Douglas told the Progress. 

At the July city council meeting, Douglas said the city is required to adhere to certain protocols as part of stipulations of receiving the GDOT funding. As part of those requirements, he noted that repairs must begin by the end of the year. 

“We are moving as quickly as we can,” he said.  

  The city is also attempting to secure more funding from Georgia Emergency Management Agency and Federal Emergency Management Agency for the project.