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Recycling Center wins KPB’s Green Ribbon Award

green ribbon june2021 recycling center

Recycling Center employees (l-r) Linda Rich, Charlyn Osmer and Director Kenny Woodard.

Keep Pickens Beautiful awards the Green Ribbon Award to local individuals, groups, clubs, or businesses in recognition of outstanding examples of programs, projects, or activities that enhance our community. The most recent recipient is the Pickens Recycling Center.

The Pickens Recycling Center and their state-of-the-art recycling facility is making a significant impact in our community. Through their efficiency and dedicated staff, Pickens County is able to reduce the waste headed to the landfill. Under the guidance of Director Kenny Woodard, the center is making noteworthy strides to establishing Pickens County as a recycling hub in our region.

In addition to the recycling services the center provides, the staff has done an amazing job of making the facility an attractive place to visit. The stacked stone wall, plants such as daisies and butterfly bushes, and the other efforts made to beautify are welcoming as you drive through to drop off your recyclable materials.

Thank you to the Pickens Recycling Center. Keep Pickens Beautiful is happy to award you the Green Ribbon Award for June/July 2021.

If you have a nominee for a future Green Ribbon Award, please let us know.

To learn more about Keep Pickens Beautiful, the Green Ribbon Award, and recycling in Pickens County, visit