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Parks, parks and more parks in 2021: Amphitheater, bike trails, Main Street restrooms


Concept Drawing/City of Jasper

A concept drawing of what renovations to the old bank drive-thru area could look like. The city has plans to begin the phase I bathroom project immediately as part of a project that will enhance the entire North Main Street area around Peace Park and the Old Jail. 


     Jasper Council has big plans for parks in the upcoming year, from budgeting over half a million dollars to begin the first phase of a longer-range amphitheater project, to talks of new mountain bike trails, to public restrooms on North Main Street.  


Perrow Park/Green Space


Council has allocated $525,000 in the 2021 budget to begin improvements to the green space at the corner of Main Street and Spring Street in downtown Jasper. Council plans for the project to culminate in an amphitheater area, which they feel will be a boon to the downtown community.


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