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Schools shift gears on how to deal with COVID

More attention to staffing, less to student numbers should keep kids on campus longer


STAFF ATTENDANCE STATUS FOR Jan. 26 - The above chart outlines key information that will be used to determine if any school needs to close. This information will be updated by 8:30 a.m. each school day. Parents are encouraged to check the chart, on the school’s website, on a regular basis. Follow this link to be redirected to the chart.

When Tony Young reported for his first day of work as the interim-superintendent of Pickens schools Jan. 19th, he was greeted with sorely-needed good news after a raucous meeting where the board voted to make the change in leadership.

COVID numbers with Pickens students and staff had dropped significantly and the system’s director of health services was giving a green light if they wanted to re-open schools after 40 days of all students being at home for distance learning.

The number of positive COVID cases among Pickens students and staff had dropped from 46 down to 14 on the Jan. 19th report. The district health department also showed Pickens was one of two counties in the region with the lowest number of cases overall.

In an interview this week, Young said that he did make the call to re-open on his first day as interim because of the improvement of numbers – not as any type of change from his predecessor. He said he used the same procedures that had been used all year and under them opening was permissible.

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