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Is a city of Jasper well on someone else’s property?

A historical property whodunit


babcock scurves


Wesley Babcock at a spot along Cove Road he claims as his property but the city of Jasper has used for several years and still has a well there. He says the city’s backup generator across the road extends onto his land as well.

 A man who owns a little over 50 acres on the south side of the Cove Road S curves (and whose property may extend a good ways across the road depending on which plat you trust), says that the city has a well on his property.

The problem, which Wesley Babcock has been fighting for years with city hall, is different surveys have conflicting property lines at a key point.

Babcock recently took his fight to town, sitting at a busy intersection with signs stating “scam fraud cover-up” and “check your plat & deed.”

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