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Brewery coming to Main Street

     pendley creek brewing 1

       Damon Howell / Photo

Pendley Creek Brewing Co. (l to r) partners Jenna Prince-Farmer, Chris Farmer (and kids), Daniel and Pam Briordy in their space at 57 N. Main Street in Jasper. Renovations are in full swing, with plans to open this winter.  


       The mood was happy and exuberant at the corner building on Main Street last Friday, when this reporter was given a tour of the future home of Pendley Creek Brewing Co. Even without the buildout complete, the space is inviting and charismatic with rustic brick walls, quirky features like a walk-in safe from the 1940s, and exposed wooden beams along the high ceilings. 


The front area will be where the magic happens. The brewers hope to produce a variety of craft beers with the goal of between 200 to 300 barrels a year. The back half of building will be the tasting and tap room. Several long, live-edge oak and cedar tables have already been set up.

        “You know that quote, be the change you want to see in the world?,” asked Chris Farmer, who has partnered with Daniel Briordy on the downtown endeavor. “That’s what we decided. We want to see this community thrive, and being in a pandemic gives you time to think about whether or not you really, really want to do it. We decided it was time to move forward.”    

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