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Morris brings 19 years of experience to chief magistrate bench

morris sworn in


New Chief Magistrate Alan Morris is sworn in by Probate Judge David Lindsey, as Morris' son Luke holds the Bible.

   Alan Morris was sworn in as the new Chief Magistrate of Pickens County Friday before a gallery of properly-masked and distanced family, friends and judicial circuit employees.

    Speaking at the ceremony, Superior Court Judge Brenda Weaver said she has known Morris for the 19 years he has worked in some capacity in the courts, beginning as a probation officer and then for the public defender’s office.


    Morris, a Pickens native, was praised by Weaver as being compassionate and taking his job seriously.

   “He also has common sense,” the judge said. “That is the most important trait a judge can have. A little bit of common sense goes further than being a legal scholar.”

    She added that being a judge in a county like Pickens is different than in a big city as here you get to know the people who regularly appear before you and take a personal interest in their progress and hopefully help them quit appearing so regularly before you.

   Morris was sworn in by Probate Judge David Lindsey who said that Morris has done an excellent job as a magistrate since 2014 and he had confident he will continue to do excellent work as chief magistrate.

   Morris officially replaces Chief Magistrate Allen Wigington who resigned facing financial theft charges earlier this year. The position of chief magistrate was up for election, but only Morris qualified to run.