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Williamson announces campaign for state rep.

charlotte williamson -politician


By Charlotte Lee Williamson


My name is Charlotte “Lee” Williamson. I am your candidate to serve in the Georgia House of Representatives, for District 11, challenging incumbent Rick Jasperse on the Republican ballot. District 11 incorporates all of Pickens County, Eastern Gordon, and Eastern Murray counties.

I am challenging Mr. Jasperse because I feel that he has become more enamored with power than with principle.

I am a published author, married, with two children and five grandchildren. My ancestors have lived in the northwest Georgia area since the 1820s. My education background is in accounting and law enforcement. I am also the founder of

Pickens Seniors for Change…a group that strives and works for the improvement of the lives of senior citizens. (  

I am a conservative constitutionalist Christian who believes in common sense values and solutions, and in particular, representing the values of Georgia citizens, the people of the county in which I live, and District 11 as a whole. 

As a representative of District 11, I will oppose any tax increases and subsidies. Unlike my opponent, I will never vote in favor of budget increases. I will fight to repeal unnecessary and intrusive laws and regulations; stand up for religious freedoms; I will advocate local control of education and free market principles. I am committed to taking a stand against cronyism and big government, while protecting our right to bear arms, and protecting the lives of the unborn. 

All legislation proposed by Congress, whether state or federal, should be necessary, constitutional, and good policy.  

When voting on bills, I will ask:

- Does the bill before me adhere to those standards?

- Is the bill constitutional, and does it align with where we are?  

- Does the bill follow our conservative values?

- Is the bill necessary for the state?

- Is the bill good for the people of Georgia?

- Does the bill reflect and respect the ideas and thoughts of all citizens?

- I will take into consideration the size and scope of the bill; and if it has growth potential.

- And lastly, Can I “read” the bill?  

From my research, I have found that the high cost of car insurance is a major issue for those on a limited budget. I pledge to work with the insurance commissioner to address the high cost of vehicle insurance and prevent age discrimination in this area.    

In 2019, Governor Kemp mentioned that he would like to eliminate Common Core.  In that regard, I will support, and assist in any capacity, Governor Kemp and the state school superintendent, in removing Common Core from the schools in our state.  

Ronald Reagan said, “We are one generation away from extinction.” He was talking about this nation.  And if we let Common Core continue to “dumb down” our children, then our extinction as a nation may be closer than we think. The battle for our children is the most important political battle facing America. Our kids remain ignorant about history. They are far less literate as readers, and they become more math deficient with every year that passes.  

Additionally, I pledge to make sure the “Red Flag” laws do not gain a foothold in our state; ensure that our Second Amendment rights do not get abused or trampled upon, and that “due process” is followed. Furthermore, I will always support “Constitutional Carry” legislation.

I will work to ensure that the words “non-citizen” or “ineligible voter” is stamped on drivers’ license and identification cards of illegal immigrants, and those here on a green card, or student visa, so that they cannot register to vote. In the 2017-2018 Ga. General Assembly, HB 324 regarding this measure, did not pass.  

Of course, in keeping with my promise to the seniors of Pickens County, I will introduce legislation to establish a meaningful property tax exemption for senior homeowners in Pickens.

A more detailed description of my goals and objectives can be found on my website:   It also allows for online contributions.

My email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My telephone:  706-692-1549 or 706-300-9421 or Facebook:  Mailing address: P.O. Box 1776, Jasper, GA 30143                                                           

Will Rogers, American Humorist, once said, “The short memories of American voters is what keeps our politicians in office.”