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Mattress Mountain leveled, but will it rise again?


Using a track-hoe, county employees tackle the mound of mattresses  discarded next door to the Thrift Store when it is closed. The county says this situation must be brought under control, while the Thrift Store founder says it’s illegal dumping the county needs to address.

         A massive pile of discarded mattresses left beside the Community Thrift Store looks just as nasty as you think they would.

“Worse,” said Thrift Store founder Don Russell  of the mattresses that number somewhere between 200 and 400 in a mound on an empty lot on Samaritan Drive.

The mound was slowly eroding with the county employees using a track hoe to load the soggy mattresses one at a time into dumpsters and a county dump truck for removal to the Whitestone inert landfill, all at taxpayers’ expense.

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