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Bombshells drop at school board

school board carlton and rick

      State Rep. Rick Jasperse (l) addresses Superintendent Carlton Wilson. Jasperse asked the school board to re-open the always contentious topic of tax exemptions for seniors, just one of the highly-charged subjects that came up during the called meeting Friday.


In the normally staid world of school board discussions, it’s fair to say that Friday’s called meeting featured one bombshell after another, including drastic changes to the calendar, moving graduation ceremonies to evenings, arming staff members, shortening the elementary school day and re-opening the always contentious senior tax exemption debate, with a little beef between the board chair and superintendent thrown into the mix.

The board did not take any action, but it looked like a decision on changing graduation times was coming soon and they are scheduled to see a policy for arming staff presented at their regular meeting this week. Here are the highlights of the meeting which ran all morning at the central office.

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