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Stormwater and runoff posing problem for homeowners and city government

yard MG 4450 

Dan Pool / Photo

Poured concrete borders and landscaping stones were washed away along with plants and pine straw from water that flowed through Terry New’s backyard on Connell Street. The water came from a drainage easement during heavy rains on July 19.

       “If water fell out of the sky and tore stuff up, I’d fix it and never say a word,” said a Connell Street homeowner whose immaculately landscaped backyard suffered extensive damage following the heavy rains on July 19.

But the water that surged through the backyard of Terry New and his wife’s home in Stafford Manor didn’t just fall onto his yard. Their home sits directly in the path of a drainage easement, likely deeded to the city of Jasper, where stormwater runoff from two different directions comes together.

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