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Have Your Cake and Decorate It Too

Dee Boggus Mad Hatter cake

      The Pickens County Master Gardener and UGA Extension organizations are sponsoring a Have Your Cake and Decorate It Too workshop at the UGA Extension office on January 29 from 6 until 7 p.m. Dee Boggus, Master Gardener and floral designer, returns to demonstrate how to stack, ice, and finish décor for your own beautiful and delicious cake creations (including live flowers and other embellishments). Impress your friends with your newly learned cake decorating skills and enjoy the finished product at the end of the workshop with a cake tasting. The public is welcome, and the workshop is free.

Also, this year successful landscaping can enhance the beauty of your own property and support local youth and organizations at the same time. By purchasing plants from the 2018 MGP plant sale, you will help fund our 4H program as well as continuing many local charitable organizations (including Habitat for Humanity) partnership with the MGP in a variety of planting and landscaping projects.

Even Pickens County citizens that know of the MGP and the volunteer work that group does for nearby youth and community might not understand the scope of services involved. Master Gardeners provide workshops on a variety of planting, gardening, gardening pests and diseases, and other nature themed topics at the Saturday Farmers Market (also a MGP event) and the Pickens County Library. A few years ago, the MGP moved from the old train depot in Jasper to join the UGA Extension Office in what is the large room adjoining the Chamber of Commerce offices on 502 Stegall Drive in Jasper. At that location, MG members help man the office for the Extension Agency and hold workshops and meetings. Funding for this work comes largely from the MGP 2018 plant sale in the spring of each year. Questions about the MGP or this year’s plant sale can be answered at 706-253-8840 or by visiting and clicking on the plant sale link.