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Safety at heart of school hurricane closures

"Don't Panic, Fall Break is safe," says superintendent

fire crews work on stom cleanup


photo/ Tom Gray

County fire crews assess roads earlier this week. As of Thursday, 19 county roads were still  closed.


 At the monthly school board meeting Thursday evening, Superintendent Carlton Wilson discussed the closure  of county schools for the week due to the hurricane.

 Wilson said even for the Friday closure, after meeting with road crews and power company officials, many county roads were still considered impassable for school buses and there were still many homes without power.

 Wilson said as of Thursday afternoon, 19 county roads were still technically closed.

  He also said there were “dangerous situations” out there with downed power lines along roadsides where students would be boarding buses.

 Wilson offered the assurance that fall break (scheduled to start Monday) is safe. He noted they would be “hung and shot” if they tried to change that without more notice. He said possibly they would adjust winter break but they would a decision well before that  vacation in February 19-23, 2018.

  He said people should not “panic. We’ll make any decision well in advance.”

  At the end of Thursday’s meeting, school board member Sue Finley commended Wilson’s decision to cancel classes for the week. “Thanks for making safety a priority,” she said.