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Alabama man arrested after coming here, expecting sex with a minor

Edwin Brian Lumpkin's social media profile shot and book-in shot, both courtesy Pickens sheriff.
Pickens Sheriff Press Release

 Last night, January 26th, Pickens Sheriff’s Office Detectives arrested Edwin Brian Lumpkin. Mr. Lumpkin, a 27-year-old man, drove to Pickens County from his home in Roanoke Alabama to meet who he believed to be a 15-year-old female. Mr. Lumpkin had been engaging in an online conversation with the young female and planned to meet for sex. Unfortunately for Mr. Lumpkin, the young female that he had been talking to online was a Pickens Sheriff’s Office Detective.


The case began several days’ prior as Mr. Lumpkin befriended a young female on social media. As he began to communicate, Mr. Lumpkin began expressing his desires to the individual and began asking for opportunities to meet for sex. Mr. Lumpkin was very graphic in his details and included nude pictures of himself. During this conversation, Detective Steven Holmes began communicating with him online. Lumpkin then set a time to come to Pickens County and meet with the young female at a convenience store. You can only imagine the surprise on Mr. Lumpkin’s face when he discovered that he had drove such a long distance to meet Holmes and a team of Deputies and Detectives.

Upon arrival, Lumpkin was taken into custody without incident and is currently being housed at the Pickens Sheriff’s Office Adult Detention Center. Mr. Lumpkin has currently been charged with Electronically Furnishing Obscene Material to a Minor and Criminal Attempt to Commit Child Molestation. The case is still being investigated and additional charges could be forthcoming.

In addition to serving as an outstanding detective with the Pickens Sheriff’s Office, Holmes serves on the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crimes Against Children task force. Along with the mental and psychological toll of dealing with cases like this, Detective Holmes has attended lengthy training with the task force to assist in building cases like this.

Right now, Sheriff Donnie Craig wants to get Mr. Lumpkin’s name and picture out to as many parents and kids as possible to determine if he has befriended others. Craig stated “I am urging all parents to be vigilant in knowing who your children are communicating with on social media.”

If you see that your child has any social media contact with Mr. Lumpkin’s, or you recognize his picture from their friends, we urge you to contact our detectives at 706-253-8935.

Sheriff Craig also wanted to recognize the work of Detective Holmes and the PSO Criminal Investigation Division. “I am extremely proud of the diligent, professional work that Holmes and our entire team put into this case.” He continued to state, “their tireless efforts have prevented this from being an actual teenage victim and, in my opinion, saved lives by getting this individual off the street.”

The Georgia ICAC Task Force is comprised of 210+ local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, other related criminal justice agencies and prosecutor’s offices. The mission of the ICAC Task Force, created by the U. S. Department of Justice and managed and operated by the GBI in Georgia, is to assist state and local law enforcement agencies in developing an effective response to cyber enticement and child pornography cases. This support encompasses forensic and investigative components, training and technical assistance, victim services, prevention and community education. The ICAC Program was developed in response to the increasing number of children and teenagers using the internet, the proliferation of child pornography, and the heightened online activity by predators searching for unsupervised contact with underage victims. By helping state and local law enforcement agencies develop effective and sustainable responses to online child victimization and child pornography, the ICAC program delivers national resources at the local level.

The Georgia ICAC Task Force made 244 arrests in 2015. The GA ICAC TF received almost 3,000 tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) in 2015 and worked 3,872 investigations related to child exploitation. The GA ICAC TF also conducted 391 Internet safety presentations.

If you are looking for more information on how to keep your kids safe online, visit the Georgia ICAC page at