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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I think the left wing crazies want to disarm the American people so that they may march anyone who disagrees with them about guns to prison camps to reeducate them about their ideas of the new right and wrong. Their intent can be seen from their attacks on the Second Amendment and their silence on the Fourth Amendment.  Let me explain.

The Fourth is about searches. The federal courts, in my life time, have come to assert that no policeman may search a citizen even on public property unless “probable” cause can be shown. Probable cause is now a very high, almost impossible standard for a deputy to meet in normal real life.   This means that a person who is not supposed to have a gun can walk around with a pistol hidden and a cop cannot frisk them for an illegal weapon.  This type of ruling means that the bad guys are always armed.  

If our left wing political leaders were intent upon disarming known bad guys, the left would be constantly talking about Forth Amendment Rulings and they are not.  They want us at their mercy and they do not care one fig about helping to bring more peace to our streets. 

If I had my way cops could stop, search, and seize all guns  possessed by those, who by law are now already prevented from having  guns.  I would not give this power to any federal agency like the FBI.  This power of search and seizure of guns would be given only to state,county or municipality police agencies.   And this will never happen.

The left will focus all their efforts on the Second Amendment until all of us are disarmed. 

Gary Pichon


[Editor’s Note: The following letter is referring to an article that ran last week about a street preacher who says he uses dowsing rods to communicate with ghosts.]


Dear Editor:

Ghosts aren’t real.

Don’t let yourself get conned by people like David Knight who “know” that the Loch Ness monster, the Yeti, Elvis (still alive), Tinkerbell, Captain Kirk, alien abductions—oh, right, and 


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Letters Welcomed

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