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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:
If I was going to assign a title to this letter, I’d type out “Follow the Money.”  As a conservative American, I am not going to claim to know factually that the November 3, 2020 election was “rigged,” nor am I going to claim to know that Dominion Voting Systems is corrupt.  But, I couldn’t help but be curious as to Governor Kemp’s immediate resistance to the huge amount of concern expressed by millions of Georgia voters following the election. So, I started looking first at Dominion and it’s contract with Georgia taxpayers. Notice I wrote, “Georgia taxpayers”  You want to clean up government, make sure our elected politicians remember that we own everything our tax dollars purchase in government, not government politicians. 
The path to the 10 year, $107 million contract with Dominion is very interesting to look at. A criminal investigator who doesn’t have a “smoking gun” in a case must resort to looking at trends or paths within a case. Let’s look at the Dominion contract. Atlanta Journal-Constitution Reporter Mark Niesse wrote an article on July 30, 2019. With that and other information I’ve researched, here’s the timeline of how we taxpayers spent $107 million:
*In 2002, Jared Thomas is working for Brian Kemp on his campaign.
*From 2003 to 2007, Kemp was a member of the state senate.
*In 2010, Kemp was appointed Secretary of State by Sonny Perdue.
*During Kemp’s tenure as SoS, Jared Thomas worked as a state employee for Kemp.
*Thomas also worked on Tom Price’s campaign during this period.
*Kemp was re-elected SoS in 2014.
*In 2018, Kemp ran for governor.
*During his campaign, Kemp refused to step down as SoS, which is customary.
*After Kemp was elected, Jared Thomas left to start a lobbying firm.
*Dominion applied for the state contract hiring Jared Thomas as the lobbyist.
*In 2019, Georgia taxpayers signed a $107 million, 10 year contract with Dominion.
*After the contract was secured, my source informed me that Kemp received campaign donations from Dominion.
*Many politicians from both parties have received funds from Dominion.
*During the first three fiscal quarters of 2020, Dominion reported it donated $50,000 per quarter in lobbyist funds through a law/lobbying firm in Denver, Colorado established by a staunch Democrat in 1968.
So, this leads me to two questions. If it is legal for politicians to receive campaign funds from companies either seeking or that have government contracts, doesn’t that pose a very questionable conflict of interest.  Or, should the GBI and FBI start looking at Kemp, Thomas and Dominion?
Follow the money
Bill Walters
Veteran, US Army
Airborne Infantry
To the Editor:
Well here goes, Georgia again displays its incompetence. As of Friday, January 8, 2021 our governor and his staff have let us down again. Georgia has only used 20% of the vaccination distributed to the state. Try to call the Department of Health line to make a reservation for your vaccine. Good luck. The leadership of Georgia continues to display a level of incompetence throughout the election and now the distribution and vaccinating Georgians you cant even get in touch for an appointment.... 


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