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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I was recently asked to run for 14th District State Senate against Chuck Payne by a north Georgia Republican leader – an insider who has a history of being an establishment fighter.  This request came with the suggestion that I would have the platform to speak truth to power, as all candidates on the slate are invited to every public forum.  It was also confirmed that everything I have stated publicly about Agenda 21 and Regionalism is true.

To my lack of personal funding (only the rich can afford to finance their own campaign), it was suggested that there are people who would subsidize someone to run against Payne.  This information raised serious questions in my mind. 

Who would fund a nobody like me?  Would they believe they own me if I won?  Why aren’t established public servants willing to stand out front and point out the truth, including the requester?  Would someone actually hire me to speak truth to power?  Who could I trust, when others offer to use me to openly point out controversies no one else wants to take a stand against?  What if the message I would present is so appealing that I, like President Trump, am chosen to a leadership position?

As far as I can tell, this is a request to walk into the front-line battle zone alone – without backup or protection.  I know nothing about running a campaign and have $0 to invest in a political budget.  Running for office requires an organized and dedicated team behind the candidate before stepping into the public square.  Many people probably think I only show up to throw shoes at elected officials, which is not true.   

From my vantage, the UN is already geared to take the USA down.  They have participated in global nation collapses since their inception.  Regionalism has been implemented here at a pace exceeding expectations by decades.  Americans are just sitting around, waiting for orchestrated events to make international controls official.  

I was told by this would-be benefactor, that the only way to change the coming collapse of our beloved Constitutional system exists at the local levels of government.  However, it was continued, local populations refuse to pay attention because people are too busy; or sick; or enthralled with royalty, or sports, or gaming, or skull and crossbones, etc.

This brought new questions to mind.  Are we, as a local community, going to stand for eternal values and principles?  (Remember the school bathroom debate.)  Who will volunteer to openly address threats against U.S. independence, and devise proposals in cooperation with other like minds?  Are suggestions that President Trump should be fed to dogs proof that he is successfully draining the swamp?

Julie Klusty


Dear Editor:

I would like to ask Tucker Green why he talked to Mr. Carlton Wilson the way he did.

You have no morals the way you talked to Mr. Wilson the way you did. I was taught to respect your elders.

Do you talk to your parents the way you talked to Mr. Wilson if so then you should be removed from the school board?

I believe he took the fall for the transgender bathroom issue. We the people in Pickens County have the right to know why Mr. Wilson was fired.

You stated you wanted to get into politics well you're on your way but I will not vote for you. I don't '

think no one in Pickens County will vote for you now. I can't see why Rob Jones hired you after all.

I'll remember him also on election day. We have the right to know why Mr. Wilson was fired because you three work for us we pay your salary.                                                                                                                                     Ronald Godfrey


Dear Editor:

After a warm fall, and yet another scorching summer, the autumn leaves lie on the ground, getting raked, burned and dumped. Spring will see more cleanup.

Elsewhere, California had horrific fires this summer and large swaths of the Midwest drowned. Indonesia’s floods and Australia’s fires were and are even worse....


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