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Moore raises the bar, wins state pole vault

2018 PHS Track Olivia Moore PV Championship at State

     Olivia Moore clears the bar at 13’ 7” to bring home the 4A Gold medal in the event at last week’s 4A State Track & Field Meet at Berry College in Rome.    

      PHS Senior Olivia Moore was some kind of wonderful at the 4A State Track & Field Meet at Berry College’s Vallhalla Stadium this past week as the standout athlete launched herself over 13’ 7”in the Pole Vault competition to beat long time nemesis Alex Potts of Woodward Academy (12’0”). Moore brought home yet another PHS state championship in the event following Tyler Craig (2013) and Kyle Tidwell (2017) who also stood atop the #1 position on the state podium in the Pole Vault event. Moore also placed 4th in the 100M Hurdles (15.59) to bring home some more state medal hardware. Moore’s prowess in track & field has led her deservingly to an athletic scholarship at Georgia Tech for the coming year.

4th grader alerts bus driver to man lying beside road

“I think she was his guardian angel,” says driver

girl hero2

Family photo

Hill City Elementary’s Alexis Peacock is credited for spotting an elderly man on the ground and alerting a bus driver.



Wednesday, May 2nd started like any other school day for fourth grader Alexis Peacock, who got on the bus to head to Hill City Elementary - but when she saw a man lying on the ground on the side of the road she knew she had to say something. 

“She came up to me and told me there was a man on the ground face down,” said Connie Essary, driver of bus #38. “The kids are trained not to come when we are loading or unloading, but she came up anyway. On buses, you’re higher and see things other people can’t, and she saw him. I’m a firm believer in guardian angels, and I think she was his guardian angel.” 

Tractor trailer scalped by power line

Two trucks misled by GPS knock out power in last month


truck on power line

A powerline on Indian Forest Road made this big rig’s roof look like a flimsy beer can. An employee of the trucking company*, left, and emergency workers survey the impressive damage. This was the second tractor trailer tangled up in the same exact spot this month. * Corrected from original where it listed him as the driver.


Indian Forest Road in Jasper, a curvy, somewhat hilly road behind Chattahoochee Tech is no place for full-size tractor trailers - but that hasn’t kept them from being led there by GPS systems only to get hung up in power lines. 

“This is the second one that’s done this in a month,” said Jasper Police Asst. Chief Jim Gleason who, along with a dozen or so other emergency workers surveyed the spectacle of a tractor trailer roof that had been ripped off by the power line Monday. “They’re not supposed to be back on this road.”

Miller building on the auction block

miller building

Mark Miller’s building on the corner of Main and Church streets and its remaining contents are in a bankruptcy auction online.

       The building at 1 South Main Street, housing the law offices of Mark Miller since the mid 1990s, will likely change hands in a bankruptcy auction later this month. The online auction opened May 14  and will end  May 24 at 10 a.m.

Miller was a well-known attorney before his guilty plea on numerous financial fraud and theft charges involving his clients in July of 2017. Part of the sentencing/plea deal involved hefty amounts of restitution to his victims.

      See full story in this week's print or onilne editions

Rotary to dedicate Children’s Music Park May 30th

music park

By Max Caylor

Rotary member


“We are excited to announce the opening of The Rotary Children’s Music Park at Roper Park behind the Boys & Girls Club,” said Music Park Chair Kay Lawrence. The ceremony will take place on Wednesday May 30th at noon.

The Rotary Music park will be a unique outdoor attraction for children of all ages and levels to promote their musical talents and help them have fun.  All of the instruments will have concrete bases and sidewalks for being handicapped accessible.                       

Patricia Jones of Teacher Support Force, observed that the ease of playing Freenotes instruments: “Without question the best resource I have ever seen for nurturing the musician in every child are Harmony Park outdoor instruments and playgrounds by Freenotes.”