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Where did it come from? Theories about mystery bamboo patches

babmoo for front

     photo/Angela Reinhardt

     Large, thick bamboo patches like this one on Highway 53 East can be found all over the county. We spoke with a former County Agent and a Master Gardener to get some insight about how these non-native plants got here. 

     State Rep. Rick Jasperse, Pickens’ County Agent for over three decades, moved here in the early 1980s and became curious about something that’s raised my eyebrows, too – giant patches of bamboo, some 30 or 40 feet high, that dot seemingly random spots across the county.  All those years ago, Jasperse took it upon himself to figure out how the towering plant made its way to Pickens, so he went to the best resource he could think of – “the old timers.” 

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