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Bible found: Woman wants to return sacred book to owner

old bible

Do you know this Bible? It was found on the road in the Pleasant Hill Road area this spring. 


It’s worn, like people would argue any good Bible should be – the leather softened, especially around the corners, and the spine curved into a permanent and deep arc from use.

In the lower right hand corner the Bible’s owner is identified in those familiar embossed gold letters. 


This particular edition is a Dake’s Annotated Reference, Old & New Testament Concordance. Inside several passages are highlighted, starred or underlined. The only other handwritten marks are a few phrases on the first page, which is mostly ripped out. Some of the words are cut off. 

“Oral Roberts 

Jesus name

Jesus blood

Jesus anointing

Jesus gifts

  esus faith


But for about 10 months this once well-used book sat on a shelf in Pickens resident Donna Stanfield’s home, its owner’s whereabouts unknown. 

“A man came into the store and gave it to [my husband], because our last name was the same and he thought it was our family,” said Donna Stanfield, who owns Jasper TV& Appliance. “But it wasn’t ours. This man would have had to have come in before April because that’s when my husband passed, but I’m not sure who he was. It’s been sitting on my living room shelf. I just cleaned a few days ago and found it, and thought I’d like to find the owner or family.” 

Other than the limited clues that can be found in the Bible itself, all Stanfield knows about the book is that  it was found outside somewhere in the Pleasant Hill and Antioch Church Road area.  

“Looking at it, it doesn’t look like it was rained on so it couldn’t have been outside long,” she said. “I don’t know if someone put it on their car hood and it fell off or what, but a lot of people have an interest in their family Bibles. Maybe someone will know who it belongs to.” 

Please contact the Progress office at 706-253-2457 if you have any information about the owner.