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Old Tate Depot paranormal investigation finds ghost unhappy with building’s move

front ghost Jeanne and EMF

     Paranormal investigator Jeanne Wells scanning for EMF readings inside the Tate Depot. The “anomaly” appears behind her.


By Jeanne Wells

Pickens Paranormal


As I began my night of paranormal investigations of the Tate area, I wondered what kind of haunting adventure this night would bring. It was the hour of dusk, and I had an eerie feeling about the place as the sun slowly went down into the sky, and the night air began to fall into darkness. 

Walking down a somber road by the railroad tracks, I intently gazed at the gravestones in the Tate Cemetery which sits across the street from the Old Tate Depot. I have heard that the Tate section of the cemetery has a lot of ghostly activity. As I walked, my mind began to wander off and I was reminded of the spooky local urban legend about the graveyards in this area.  

Legend has it that on certain days in the early hours of the morning you might still hear the howling whistle of the nearby marble mills which would sound to signify the beginning of the work day. The whistle may no longer be in use today, but some say that it can still be heard. When the whistle blows, it is said that a foggy mist forms over the graves, which some believe to be the spirits of the mill workers rising up from their graves to start another days work.  

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