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State seeks to revoke Animal Rescue’s license

Local group vows allegations by former disgruntled employee are false 



On July 10th the Georgia Department of Agriculture issued an administrative order for disciplinary action against Pickens Animal Rescue Ranch, seeking to revoke their license saying members of the board  knowingly took  animals who had owners and adopted them out illegally.  The longtime animal rescue group, commonly called PAR say the allegations  are false and were made by a former disgruntled employee, and they intend to “vigorously defend” the organization and its mission.

Pickens Animal Rescue is around two decades old and preceded the county shelter for many years as the only rescue group here.

        See this week's print or online editions for full story.


elaine wigal
+6 #1 elaine wigal 2018-10-02 10:34
yes i believe they are doing that. i do rescue as well and their adoption contracts states if for any reason the new owner cannot keep the dog/cat they should be returned to PAR but the few people that did adopt and need to return a pet never got a response from PAR and so they put it in the cherokee county pound they told me that many times they are stuck rehoming many of Pars dogs and cats bc people cannot gget them to take them back as their adoption contract says. it is so political in that group i am not surprised. that is why i do my own nonprofit rescue. in pickens county
Euclid Pyle
0 #2 Euclid Pyle 2018-10-05 11:48
I gotta agree with dogs! above. Too many people go nuts over dogs in this country. They are just animals and should be afforded no special privilege.
-1 #3 dogs! 2018-10-05 13:05
EVERYBODY GOTTA HAVE A DOG! Ban 'em all I say, except for service dogs, police dogs, body sniffing, etc. Way too much barking going on in life. ENOUGH ALREADY! BTW, I have a dog but shut it up EVERY TIME it barks. If only everyone else would.
Jeff Jones
+2 #4 Jeff Jones 2018-10-10 21:41
A total injustice done here. No good deed goes unpunished I suppose...

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