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Businesses urged to watch for “funny money”

funny money

photo/Jasper Police Department

This is one of the fake $20 bills a local business accepted in a transaction. Note the word “replica” (Circled in picture). Businesses are asked to call authorities if they receive a bill like this.


There haven’t been huge quantities collected, but the Jasper Police Department is asking businesses to be on the watch for fake money that turned up at a local bank this week. 

The fake money, which JPD Lt. Matt Dawkins said is “funny money” or movie money used on movie sets, was accepted by two local businesses who tried to deposit it at a Jasper bank. 

“It’s not counterfeit,”  Dawkins said. “It does say ‘replica’ on it, but if a business isn’t paying attention or if it’s in a stack of other bills they might accept it without knowing. We just want business to be aware and be vigilant.”

There were only a few of the $20 bills collected at the local bank, so authorities aren’t certain if whoever made a transaction with them did it on purpose.  

“At this point we don’t have any leads saying these bills were intentionally passed off as real money, but we want businesses to be aware and call us if they find one.” 

Contact the Jasper Police Department at 706-692-9110.