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Another meth bust dents local supply

meth bust

     An early morning raid March 28 on two Burgess Road West homes, led to the arrest of one man on trafficking charges. Agents from the drug task force (DTF), along with agents from the Pickens Sheriff’s office and Cherokee SWAT team seized methamphetamine, marijuana, firearms and cash during the execution of the search warrants at both homes.

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-1 #11 whitedove 2018-04-17 19:00
so far the closest thing to the law not being followed i've heard was that the entire story isn't printed..
regardless of whether he was or wasn't a dealer, or a small time possessor, the law must be TRANSPARENT!! without transparency there's no way of knowing whether the situation was handled appropriately. the outcome of an arrest and possible conviction is irrelevant!
some say, Kudos! the neighborhood is better off regardless of the means that this happened. WHAT??!! you can't be serious??? this is how corruption starts and perpetuates. or are we forgetting the young ladies and women that were pulled over raped in Gilmer due to lack of transparency..
let's say the PSD didn't have any transparency, you get pulled over and received a citation, and you're completely innocent. how can anyone keep an eye on right and wrong without transparency??!!
this statement is neither pro/con meth nor pro/con PSD... this statement is about RIGHT AND WRONG and TRANSPARENCY !!
if he's found guilty, so be it.
if he's found innocent,
so be it...
we're ALL INNOCENT until proven GUILTY !!
but there must be transparency to ensure accountability!

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