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Roads worse than expected


County EMA Director John Nicholson said roads are worse than expected in a Friday mid-day interview. He encouraged the travelling public to stay off the roadways until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest and to “watch it even then and Sunday morning.”

  Nicholson said the county crews are working on the roads now and did some limited salt and gravel spreading Thursday night, but the storm got here quicker than they had expected.

  “We were expecting it during the day, but not really starting to stick to before 10 a.m. or noon Friday,” he said.

  Nicholson said the roads are not expected to improve this afternoon. And, tonight there is a serious risk of black ice, making early morning commutes tomorrow hazardous.

    “There have been a lot of fender-benders but no major wrecks,” Nicholson said in a brief mid-morning interview.


Cynthia grace collet
-1 #1 Cynthia grace collet 2017-12-08 11:29
Print this for work
meteorologists stink
-4 #2 meteorologists stink 2017-12-19 12:13
They rely way, way too much on computers to tell us what the weather's going to do. Well, them computers missed it by a mile, didn't they? All weather people should be replaced by robots. Most, if not all of them, sadly their primarily women, I can't even watch or listen to for more than a couple of seconds. No credibility at all. Some dress like their at the Oscars, too. Ridiculous that they pay these idiots money.

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