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A hike around Doris Wigington Park finds nice trails, some problems

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A Progress reporter and a photographer took a field trip a few days after the forum to get a first-hand look. What we found were trails that are nice, despite some inclines that are a little steep and slippery from the gravel, but also a few things that might be contributing to people’s reservations about visiting.


         At a recent forum for Jasper City Council candidates, Doris Wigington Park, 60-acres of trails with entrances off Gennett Drive and Lumber Company Road, surfaced as a problem. 

The park, which has been given the unbecoming name “Raper Park” by nearby residents, goes largely unused. Councilmember Anne Sneve said it “has become an issue for us,” and that, “I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how we’re going to resolve that issue.”

 Candidate Doug Patterson went so far as to include the park in his platform. He said people are “scared,” and called for lighting, police presence, and golf trails that connect to Arbor Hills, the large subdivision that butts up to the park. (Golf trails were part of the original phase II plan for the park and part of the mayor’s larger vision for the area, but have yet to be completed.)        

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-1 #1 Jim 2017-10-25 13:37
I am not sure how long the trails are but open it up to horseback riders. There is not one open trail system in all of Pickens county to horseback ride. Equestrians will also volunteer time to maintain trails. Other than a hiker coming across a dung pile, what would it hurt!
Sam Tate  ghost
+7 #2 Sam Tate ghost 2017-10-25 16:53
Should be more like Johnny's folly like his other follies they say big things and under deliver. Been there once and rather surprised how desolate it is. Sounds like an immediate action plan needs to happen. Next time, think things through and have funding available or identified before taking on a project you can't complete. This is where a professionally trained city manager can make the analysis help keep these follies at bay.
-3 #3 People! 2017-10-26 08:10
One time while walking there we saw a pick-up truck with the driver asleep. It was not in the parking lot, but way down into the park. I called the cops on him, but he left before they got there. I notice that all the porta-potties in the parking areas are tipped over as I drive by.the park. A drive-through by police on a regular basis, day and night, would curb lots of problems, but you'll never keep folks from going there and acting the fool. If ever I go there, I'll pack heat and will be on high alert, that's for sure. Nice place, though. I'm glad we have such places in this town.
Little Tommy
+1 #4 Little Tommy 2017-10-26 10:57
I suggest installing a Disc Golf Course. This will bring a positive presence to the park. It has been proven across the country that Disc Golf is the fastest growing recreational sport in the Park and Rec arena. Bringing more people into the Park with a Disc Golf Course can create a very positive environment. More boots on the ground so to speak. More eyes on the surrounding area can deter bad behavior. I have personally witness a change from a bad Park to a very good Park after I installed a course in mountains of North Carolina. Just a thought!

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