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First day of school gets A+ on traffic changes

end of first day of school

Angela Reinhardt / Photo

Jasper Middle School Assistant Principal Duane Cronic helps students find their buses on the first day of school Tuesday. There were major changes to traffic flow at JMS this year, which appear to have worked well on day one. Cronic and the school system’s Director of Operations Stacy Gilleland said the new traffic patterns worked wonders and significantly reduced congestion on Highway 53, especially during morning hours. PHS also changed parent pick-ups in the afternoon, with traffic flowing all the way around the high school. See page 10B for photos from the first day of school.   


-1 #1 Realist 2017-08-02 11:31
The real incentive should be to strongly discourage parents and guardians from driving kids to school. The Bus is the safest form of transportation and waste of dollars for each kid that does not ride the bus. Shorten the car lane, Charge for parking and strictly enforce tardies could reduce this traffic challenge.. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.
Charlie Brown
-5 #2 Charlie Brown 2017-08-02 20:21
This 'change' was sugfgested in an editorial letter way back in the 1990's to minimize the traffic tieup in front of the school. It apparently takes our educatrional system 25-30 years to get on board with any change.

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