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Mt. Zion youth in Ghana for mission work



On Sunday, July 23, the congregation of Mt. Zion Baptist Church gathered to give a prayerful sendoff to 15 teens and leaders, bound for Ghana, West Africa. The group, led by Youth Pastor Tony Ramirez and his wife Cindy, will be partnering with church planting missionaries Ryan & Joy Owen, from Rome, Georgia, for a week of hands on ministry. Mt. Zion has a strong commitment to global missions, supporting over 100 missionary families around the world. For more information about our family focused programs and activities, just visit, or contact our office at 706.692.6315. Mt. Zion is located at 1036 N. Main in Jasper.


Not Surprised
-9 #1 Not Surprised 2017-07-26 15:50
So a bunch of white people from the US is going to another country full of black and brown people to force their religion on them.


Shocking. Maybe let the people of Ghana continue practicing their own religions? Maybe stop trying to colonize EVERYWHERE and EVERYONE? Not that you will. Such a shame, but not surprising coming from a rural, backward city where not being cis, straight, and Christian is the biggest sin one can commit.

nice, but US needs u
-3 #2 nice, but US needs u 2017-07-27 06:14
Nobody can argue that the kids going overseas with this program is a bad thing, all things considered. It's a valuable life lesson they'll learn. They'll see that others have it way, way worse than they'll ever have. HOWEVER, why is it that churches (and way too many philanthropists too) feel the need to assist people in other countries so much? Doesn't our own country have problems that could be addressed by these churches and their money? What about all the extreme poverty, homeless, etc? I mean, what's the cost of round-trip airfare for each person going overseas? I'll bet you it's at least $1,200.00 per person. Think of all the good all that money could do tight here in the good ol' USA. It's time these religious groups get a grip on what's really important. They needn't look further than our own soil. Get with it, people. It's us first, you know. Shouldn't we be saving our own country? Geeeeeezzzzzzz.
+2 #3 Misty 2017-07-27 21:26
So proud of our kids and leaders! Spreading God's love to a place that has not heard of His good news before!
Nehemiah the Prophet
+4 #4 Nehemiah the Prophet 2017-07-28 14:45
You can't argue that the $1,200 airfare is not the most efficient use of funds when it comes to aiding people. BUT
• It is important for American kids to see how other people live to develop empathy with those around the world.
• It is important for American teens to see the blessings we have here and the needs of other people.
• It is important to excite American kids to help others and maybe it's easier to walk up and offer a blessing to someone you don't know to start with
• Maybe some of the kids will come home inspired and open-minded to address needs here. Travel changes the traveller.
It may not help the Africans as much as it helps the Americans who go there but it's a good effort.

Finally, keep in mind if churches didn't shoulder the yoke to help others, few others would. In the course of history, religion has caused plenty of strife, but pure Christian religion promotes bringing help wherever it is needed. And if the churches weren't in some places like this, no one else would be.Peace Corps can't do it all.

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