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Wildwood Christian closes doors


The private school in Marble Hill has closed following a decline in enrollment over the summer.

Wildwood Christian Academy announced its closing in an e-mail to parents August 1. The private school in Marble Hill that stressed strong academics was scheduled to open this year on August 17, but will close permanently due to a financial shortfall from a decline in enrollment.

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Nehemiah the Prophet
-12 #1 Nehemiah the Prophet 2016-08-05 08:35
Oh how the mighty have fallen. It grieves me to see anyone who struggled for anything fail.
Sad News
+11 #2 Sad News 2016-08-07 20:35
The Ruff's have sank their heart and wallets into WCA for years. Unfortunately most of the Big Canoe families are wannabee's and selfish. The school went down with the principal before this one. He left or was fired along with his wife and as he was full of crap. He drove away many families especially those that paid tuition. Others that left to homeschool are really those that couldn't or wouldn't make the sacrifice to send their children. It was a great school in the day and its closing is a black eye and bad sign for the community. Thanks Pam and Larry. Those that truly know you know that you sacrificed much and often times for little gratitude. Nehemiah you are a boob!
Grey Eagleson
-1 #3 Grey Eagleson 2018-04-17 09:16
It was sad when i learned it closed it was amazing there we had innovation day where we taught ourselves new things it was amazing :(.

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