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Jasper mayor discusses downtown plans


The mayor believes making Main Street one way only,  going north, will create more of a friendly, shopping environment in downtown.

     Many downtown business owners in mid-June voiced opinions on potential plans to improve Jasper’s traffic flow, a project currently on the drawing board with paid consulting firm Kimley-Horn.
    Missing from that presentation, however, was a plan advocated by Mayor John Weaver, who vocally complained at the meeting that some of the displayed plans were impossible to build.
See full story with comments from Jasper Mayor John Weaver and a full map in the print and online editions.


Nehemiah the Prophet
-1 #1 Nehemiah the Prophet 2016-07-14 15:20
And in the sacred city thou shouldest proceed on foot, using the sandals of righteousness to propel you to various stores and cafes.
I beseechest thee to include more walking areas so we may stride forth confident in our town.
pinto colvig
-2 #2 pinto colvig 2016-07-18 13:00
this is the only good idea Mayor Jonny has had in the 45 years he has run this town

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