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This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I am writing this to take a moment and recognize Kim Quinton and his fine staff at the Pickens County Road Department. They have a sometimes thankless job that I feel is one of the most important in our County Government. Whenever you think of our tax monies and how it’s spent, this department is usually one of the first mentioned. Anytime a taxpayer calls them, they are always friendly and responsive to the need. They do, in my opinion, a great job with the resources they are given. 

While I may have questions for their bosses, the County Commissioners, about why in 2019 we still have so many unpaved roads which I feel is a misappropriation of tax monies (ie. The REAL costs involved with the upkeep of gravel, grading, etc.,) I wish folks would take a minute in whatever way possible to let the staff at our fine Road department know we appreciate their dedication and diligence to keep us moving and safe! Let ‘Em know.

Garry Hensley 


Dear Editor:

I just wanted to take a moment to brag about something I saw today at work (The Jasper Kroger). 


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