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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

 Dear Editor:

   Sometimes we just need to write about things that are important to us. God, church, family and friends is a good place to start. I love to put down on paper the things that God gives to me.

When I was 13 years old, God took from me the thing that I loved most in the world. He took my mother home to be with Him. I did not understand why. Then He began to tell me. He said, “I have given you a gift but you must always use it for me.” “You are to write only when I give you the words.” I told Him, “I will not do it.” He said, “You will and you must.” So I started my journey.

When my husband Tom and I were 18, we dated a lot. We always went to church somewhere. We seemed to always end up at Refuge Baptist Church. In June 12, 2011, I put my letter in and I have never looked back.

I had always wanted to go to Sunday School. Now I go every Sunday. It is wonderful to read the Bible and study, talk and feel the sweet spirit in the words of the greatest book ever written.

I don’t know why God wanted me to write this today, but He did. This is Sunday the day before the storm is supposed to come to our town. I really like what our pastor said today. He said, “We are all facing a storm every day.” I know we are, but God is in charge. As I turned through our Songs of Faith song book, this old song showed up in its worn pages. “In the eye of the storm,” that is where God is. He is in complete control of everything in our life.

May you find love and peace as you read this. I give God all the glory for these words.

Juanita Wilkie


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