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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Everybody Else Is Doing It.

I was about 10 years old and I had just learned to cuss.  I thought I would try out my new b--ch word on Momma.   So I said it right at her and the conversation at dinner stopped. Then my Daddy hit my shoulder with a slow straight right and I knew I had crossed the  "Dad line." 

“You don’t talk like that,” he said. “But everybody else is doing it,” I replied as I got off the floor.  And then I got the standard “if everybody jumped off a cliff would you do that too?”  I had jumped out of a pretty tall tree once so a cliff did not seem like such a big deal but I had enough sense not to say yes.

I see in the news that a full grown senator of the United States did not have as much sense as I did at 10. He said, and I kid you not, that because the president set the tone of the nation we should expect others to be crude and mean. That senator still  needs a more forceful Dad. 

I agree that President Trump says things that he ought not to say and tweets things that are better left unsaid. Almost all his tough talk is in response to some smart mouth at-tack upon him. He is a verbal counter puncher and if you leave him alone he will leave you alone. But the left rags on him all the time.  

He is not a bully by my definition. He is just loud from New York where that is pretty standard behavior. If you spend a lot of time in New York City you will find that verbal confrontation is normal and you sort of get used to it. They don’t really mean anything by it and are very nice people underneath that big city bluster.

A real bully does a lot more than talk. They club, beat, stomp, cut, and shoot.  And they run in large packs. 

Trump has not run anyone out of a restaurant. He has not gone to someone’s drive-way and yelled and screamed. He has not yelled  f--- you to citizens. More importantly he has not adopted the brutal tactics of Hitler, Stalin, the old Japanese military, Ho Chi Min, Pol Pot, ISIS or the Taliban.

We need to tread carefully.   Provoking language is a fuse on a cannon. Harsh words will lead to hard deeds. Real violence could start, and if it does, it will engulf us all.

Gary Pichon


Dear Editor:


Many thanks to Lee Shiver for spending a great deal of time and energy in our recent elections raising awareness of the need to find some reasonable solution to the problem of gun violence in our country. Many of our current officials believe that we would be safer if everyone walked around with a gun. That mindset worked when we were children playing with imaginary or toy guns; we usually hit what we shot at and we never shot ourselves or innocent bystanders. Unfortunately, that option has not worked well in the real world with real guns.  I hope Lee has made more of us willing to consider other options including limitations on the sale of the types of weapons and ammunition that have made it easy for a few to kill many. Thanks Lee.     

Mark Dickerson


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